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Lots Of Wind

Pamlico Sound OBX

Great week on the OBX!

Cool but WINDY

Rigged the 3.3 and finned up the 77L last Tuesday and rode that for days.

Often times barely able to hold on.

Everyone in the house beat up, bruised but happy :-)

Saturday the 9th at The Canadian Hole was a day to friend Sharryn at least got a ride....not in the footstraps or harness but it was gusting 40+

I would get up and have everything ripped out of my hands.

The water was deep and the parking lot flooded.

What a way to start the season!

Sailed 7 days so far this trip....I will make my hours at as one hour a day.

Wind and temperature estimate over 7 days

First picture is of the Canadian Hole with Sharryn sailing and me being being shore slop, 2nd of my husband a few days ago, 3rd of me yesterday and 4th of Sharryn yesterday

Weather Conditions


Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   20-40 12






  7 hrs.

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