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Wicked Day!

Hamilton Harbor CCIW

Haven't posted my last 8 sessions or so, been pretty lazy but it's easy to stick to the 12 months of sailing now!

Wasn't sure about this forecast.. but man oh man did it deliver!

Got there at 1pm rigged up, about to connect board to mast and ARGHH!! forgot my mast base at home! Back home I went (marek thanks for watching my stuff).

Today started out slow, just planing in a few gusts and wondering if it would come. It came on pretty strong and I went back to my car to text another sailor urging him to come down here!!

We had a great afternoon blasting around. It must have been a kite fest or something because at one point I counted 9 kites in the water! Pretty cool. Christian, a kiter (and good guy) did a huge jump right around my nose when I was fully planing. And he yells just before "GOT YOUR CAMERA ON!?". Unfortunately my battery was dead by then! That would have been crazy footage.

All my friends were out today it was great to see everybody. Took a break and all of us sat and conducted the ceremonious wind chant. Then it came back stronger than ever. I was fully powered on the 6.7 and completely overpowered in the gusts. Kept at it for another 2hrs. What a day.

Weather Conditions

THe best for the harbor. Consistent wind from the SW it's the best.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   15-27 30




  jp 125L x-cite/neill pryde fusion 6.7


  5 hrs.

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