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Self torture

Frenchman's Bay Frenchman's Bay

Went to go sail Ajax shoal. Rigged 4.2M as wind gust made me question my choice. Went to change in van,only to get out an wind backed off and shifted to side shore to slightly side off. Took a stab at it but wind shifted more. Luckily Fathom was there to tell me to give up. Headed to Frenchman's Bay to sail. Wind was 0-25 kts and shifting like nuts. Ended up being torture with the gloves on, so packed it in after 40 minutes.

Weather Conditions

flatter than flat and gusty as anything

The Day at a Glance


  W 0-25 6




  Exocet 105L Wave/5.8M Ezzy Wave SE


  40 min.

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