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First day

Lake Ontario Lakeridge Road South

Chris and I decided to head to Lakeridge. I sailed from 1:30 and came into help Chris rig shortly after 2:00. Started out on 5.0M on 113L with 24cm FS fin. My weight loss has definitely made noticable difference in reduced gear size. Wind backed off and Chris and I both got some nice scare trying to come way down wind against waves crashing against the shoreline. Water levels are quite high on the lake, so no shore line just big rocks, sea walls, or mud cliffs if you can't make it back to the launch ramp. Started out as a great session but ended slightly trying to the spirit and body. My body is ACHING today.

Weather Conditions

multiple wind directions making for point fest, some large wave rides

The Day at a Glance


   20-25 14




  Poison 113L/5.0M NP Core


  2 hrs.

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