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Day 8

Lake Ontario MCP area - Prince of wales Park

After missing a lot of action due to NW winds, and to my stubborness with going to the usual launch point (not good on anything N), I finally switched and pushed off the old boat lauch at the bottom of 3rd St (Lakeshore/Islington).

As soon as the point was rounded, N wind from Humber Bay filled the sail, and had an hour of planning mostly near the Humber West lighhouse. Took a loong run across the bay to Sunnyside, the other side was not as good as mine, so came back praying the wind will hold... it did!

The ramp launch is fairly good, the only issue being really slippery so make sure you don't bang your carbons off concrete...

Weather Conditions

flat water, theremal gusts closer to shore, wind disappearing further inot the lake

The Day at a Glance


  N 10-14 22




  Bic O.D./Simmer 8.3


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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