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Air show at Doug's

Columbia River Gorge Doug's Beach

Chris, Mike, Dave, and I showed up to Doug's for yet another late afternoon session. Rigged 5.3M on the 95L to go out nicely powered but not over the top. There is some AMAZING sailors there putting on quite a show. There were things going on that I didn't even know what they were called. I had some nice speed jibes in the flats on both sides.

Session Highlights:

- One guys boosting a huge forward so close to me that I got the spray off the bottom of his board.

-Tried to initiate a Shove It (but only remembering the first part of Wyatt Miller's description) of front foot initiated carve. I did that part but instead of push the board straight out I tucked the tail of the board under me which spun me around backwards to the point I actually slide backwards very breifly i.e., Vulcan. Cool sensation and Dave got to witness it.

-Some nice swell riding to turning in the bottom up to the top, then almost stalling to carve back down and ride the swell.

-Not getting run over by the barges coming through.

[Picture by C36]

Weather Conditions

nice rolling swell at time, fairly consistant winds, little bit of rain

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 23-27 20




  JP FSW 93L/5.3M North Ice


  2 hrs.

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