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Columbia River Gorge Three Mile Canyon

The forcast said "go east", so we did. Meet up with Wind Mountain Pete at Rufus, but all the gates were open on the dam causing current to be very strong combined patchy wind. Next stop Arlington. Here the wind was more consistent (5.0) with clean rolling medium sized swell. But we decided to go east once more. Next stop was Three Mile Canyon (we had a very memorable session here back in 2002). The locals were sailing 4.7's on small boards. WMP's eyes got wide and he hit the water very quickly (as there was a storm cloud hanging out just to the east). I took to the water and Dave followed. We had a couple of rides and then the storm cloud started to make the wind patchy. WMP decided to head back to Rufus while we tried to milk this session for what we could - the swell was too sweet to leave. The end result was end up derigging in the desert rain. This one was a bit of teaser as the ramps were begging of back loops, but there was not quite enough power to make it happen.

[Photos by C36]

Weather Conditions

Steady wind (at first) with large wide spread rolling swell, in the channel beyond the island and gusty wind with flat water on the inside of the island. Swell was big and smooth (imagine skiing a Giant Slalom course).

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   20- 22




  JP Freestyle Wave 93/North Ice 5.2


  1 hrs.

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