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Just Right

Columbia River Gorge Rufus

Well after our short-but-sweet session at Three Mile Canyon we stopped in at Rufus to see how Wind Mountain Pete was doing. We found WMP and about 60 of his closest friends having a wind dance party on the big rolling swell! Time to rig up and join the party. Too bad my gear (big board) and my body (fatigue) let me down. I wish I had had less board and more energy. Dave looked to be dailed in the Goya One (85). I guess this session sepertated the men from the boys.

[Photos by C36]

Weather Conditions

Big rolling swell that favoured riding over jumping. Kites over head (both on and off the water). Wind was steady and strong.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   25-30 22




  JP Freestyle Wave 93/North Ice 4.2


  30 min.

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