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Stop it already!

Columbia River Gorge Swell City

I had to bow out of this one. I was absolutely exhausted still when I woke up in the morning. We did the usual breakfast at Betty's and then headed over to Swell for a morning session. I just sat around and took in the sites, talked to the locals, and play photographer for Dave. Dave hit the water on 5.0 and his 85 L rental board. Good thing I bowed out because the afternoon was an absolute treat.


"I had used 85 l Goya One the day before at both Three Mile Canyon (briefly) with 5.0 and at Rufus with 4.0. I was really impressed with it - it was quick to plane, offered a stable platform, held an edge well and was almost an effortless ride in the rolling swell. But I wanted to take it out at Swell to see what it was like in the air. The result, another nice suprise - it was VERY well behaved in the air (very responsive and well mannered)."

Weather Conditions

Some rideable swell and some good ramps but fluky shifty winds (resulting in jumps to starboard only and header coming back to the beach)

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 13-20 18




  86L Goya FSW/5.0 Ezzy


  1 hrs.

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