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Columbia River Gorge Doug's Beach

Pulled into Doug's later in the afternoon to be meet by the long weekend crowds. Wind was up and the swell was starting to roll. Dave and I both rigged up, me 5.3 M and Dave 5.0 M. I took out the 95 Naish (don't buy this board, it rides like a jack-hammer) Dave on the his RRD FSW 110. The swell was absolutely beautiful on the Washington side; head high waves in the middle; and straight on knee high ramps on the Oregon side (with nice square edge shoulders). I tried a couple of back loop attempts (one with Dave as my witness) as I did a complete rotation but bailed before committing to landing. The swell rides on the way back into the beach were surreal....glassy smooth in between that I could just fly down them with no bouncing chop. At times I was able to link 3 -5 turns on the swells.

Favourite comment of the day: Dave, " How is it that you can't jibe, but you can completely rotate a back loop?"

[Photos by C36]

Weather Conditions

Buttery smooth swell, ramps a plenty, with Beaverton ramps far side

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 18-22 27




  Naish 95 L/North 5.3M


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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