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Fireworks (on the 4th of July)

Columbia River Roosevelt

This was session number 14 in 9 days - the Gorge delivered the goods! On the way out east we drove by Rock Creek and it was on fire - strong wind and big rolling swell! Arrived at Roosevelt to people sailing 4.2 on 85 l boards. Wind was building so I rigged 4.2 and Dave rigged 4.0 on 85 l board. Both of us were well powered when we left the beach. Sailed for about 30 minutes and then returned so Dave could switch to 3.6 and his 74 l Evo (4.0 on 85 l was too much to much power to jump any more). That left the 85 l Goya One for me to use. Dave looked comfortable on the 3.6, but I had to man-handle the 4.2. There was so much wind Dave said his helmet was being lifted off his head and his contact lenses were being lifted off his eyes! Back loop attempts from both of us - mine are coming around now so I just have to find the courage to land one. Dave is crazy - he went for first jumping forward of the trip (he didn't make it all the way around but good effort) - I hope the GoPro caught that one! This was a great last blast!

Weather Conditions

Strong steady wind shore to shore with swell across the river (much larger on the south side near Arlington)

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 30-38 25




  Naish Global Freeride 95/North Ice 4.2


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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