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Ding ding ding, winner winner, chicken dinner!!!!

lake Simcoe Beaverton

I went right to the accuweather forecast and went to the time they said it would blow. Showed up just as everyone was saying, "wow it just picked up!" BONUS!!!!

Rigged up , puttered my way out past the reeds. I could instantly tell the wind had done a wind shift from west to northwest. Wave were straight on and nice and steep in spots. First run out 3 nice floaters, 2 failed back loop attempts, 2 more floaters into nice jibe off swell face, with return run working the swell all the way back to the shore.

In total 9 backloop attempts: 3 to committing to the landing, full apex to sticking the nose in the water landing, rotating the final part in the water but only to have the sail blow out of my hands at the last second. It's so close now!

My trip to the Gorge definitely has brought up my ability to sail comfortably and all the slight nuances of learning in those insane conditions made for some fun sailing in comfotable conditions like that.

Session Highlights:

tons of jumping,

lots of beautiful jibes,

2 really messy "shove its" attempts,

nice swells,

launching a backloop right of the stern of a kayaker and the look on his face,

match racing with Chris and kicking his but ;) ( that's what you get for mowing the lawn up wind),

warm water and sailing in only shorts and a life jacket

Probably the second best day I've had sailing in Ontario

Weather Conditions

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 20-25 30




  Poison Fs 113L/5.8 Ezzy Wave SE ( best sail ever! )


  3 hrs.

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