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Erie Long Beach

AM it looked iffy. Talked with Jim and made the decision to take my gear for a ride to the beach. As I came round the bend....bang...whitecaps! Jim pulled in right after me. I rigged 5.8 / 95L and Jim rigged 6.5. I slogged and drifted downwind. Needed my fix so badly that I decided to go big. I only realised after that at the time I first went out it was in a lull and the wind kicked in while re-rigging. Sailed 3 hours on the verge of overpowered. Sail could have had more downhall. Idealy I would have been on the on the 5.8 / 120L, but didn't bother changing since I hade already made my way upwind and into the Play Pan. Both the swells on the outside and the surf in the Play Pan were exelent. Although on big gear, I nailed some beautifull jumps and the board, concidering it's size, handled wave riding pretty good exept for a couple of instinces where because of it's size, it wouldn't react fast enough. All in all, super fun waveriding with Jim.

Weather Conditions

Sunny, warm steady wind, warm water

The Day at a Glance






   95L Quattro freewave, / 120L Quattro /goya 5.8/Ezzy wave7.0


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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