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STRONG Nexen day with the Kozaks

Howe Sound Nexen Beach

A whole gang of people showed up to Nexen for the first time and the rigging area was packed, barely a spot to park!

I rigged up my 5.0 as that seemed to be the norm across the board, though very powered up. Rather than take out my bigger board and try some sliding spinning moves, I opted for my smaller board to just go rip roaring around.

Spent the day jumping and trying to carve n' gybe but the wind was strong making it difficult. Bailed more gybes than I made, but did get some nice airs with only a few crashes on the bigger ones. Fun day, but exhausting!

The chop was insane by the end just demolishing the knees. Amazing conditions, just wished I had tried some new stuff :) Ah well.

Weather Conditions

Strong strong wind coming more SW than S. Very steep chop lined up back to back.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 22-28 25




  77L FreeWave/5.0 Goya Wave3D


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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