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The gust that fooled us!

Howe Sound Nexen Beach

Grabbed a pile of gear from Jericho to head up to Nexen. Met up with Johnny to try and consolidate gear into one car and the 3 of us (Johnny, Jenn and I) motored off a bit later than usual.

Forecast was calling for light so we had some low-wind options with us.

Got there as a gust was apparently blowing through sending people back in for smaller rigs so I rigged up a 5.5 (humming and hawing between the 5.5 and my 6.2). In the end, got planing for a handful of moments in the gusts and then was just schlogging the rest of the time.

Should have rigged up the 7.0 with the big board and had a solid session but ended up just packing it in. Still managed to rip one duck-gybe though.

The Day at a Glance


  S 16-20 20




  96L FreeSex/5.5 All Terrain


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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