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Fantastic Afternoon on Erie!

Lake Erie Long Beach

After watching the Port Colbourne bouy all afternoon on Friday hold steady steady @ 22mph gusting to 26mph all afternoon, I decided to roll the dice and make the trek down.

What a treat. Does it get any better than riding your shortboard in boardshorts?

Solid wind all afternoon. Wind was somewhat up and down and switchy at times. As a result, the waves and swell didn't set up perfectly.

Some nice waves were ridden in the playpen and lots of wind on the inside for fully powered port side jibing.

Great to see lots of people windsurfing. It seemed there were more windsurfers than kiters on the water.

Some squall lines came through later in the afternoon. Most of the kiters, wisely, headed to shore with the appearance of the black clouds. A few windsurfers stayed on the water as the wind picked up and switched more west.

Overall an awesome day. I can't wait untill my next day on Erie!

Weather Conditions

20 -25 mpg all afternoon. What more can you ask for in the summer in Ontario!!

The Day at a Glance


  SW 18-23 24




  RRD Cult 55/Ezzy 5.8 wave se


  3 hrs.

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