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Lake erie Long Beach

Thought it may be windy but EC was not showing much. Jim called after !pm to let me know he's going down. I wraped up what I had going, headed dowm and got on the water by 3.30. Wind had alot of west in it, so neither riding nor jumping were great, buy still nailed some awsome rides and jumps! Wind was kind of gusty at first, sometimes plaining, sometimes complaining. As I was giving my 95L one last ride to replace it with her big sister, the wind just filled in. Headed up to the play pan. OK waves in there, but near the shore break there was no wind, Still lots of fun making use of the small waves to keep on a plane, jibing using the wave and slogging back out to the wind. Waves in there were smallish, (2 to 4 ft), I then followed Jim out, very far out, further out than my comfert level, but knew that out there were the big swells.......and they were nice! 4 to 6 ft rollers sometimes breaking.with steep faces. Wave riding in was awsome. love wave riding with jim who has tonnes of San Carlos experience and is a very smooth wave rider,

Weather Conditions

warm, sunny windy

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20- 28




  Quattro 95 L freewave/5.7 Goya


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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