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Same old

Lake erie Long Beach

Another great day, but unfortunately, by the time I hit the water, the wind shifted with a little more west in it, so wave set up was not great, but still OK. During my first run, on 5.2 while on the outside, the wind started to back off, so turned and came in surfing. unfortunately this took me a ways downwind - had to walk back, but was a blast comming in with the swell and not falling off a plane. Once in, thunderstorms moved through. Sunshine and more wind after that, but this time rigged 5.7 and to the gopro out....what a blast! Got over powered, back to 5.2, got underpowered and back to 5.7. All in all another great day. Also great to see so many windsurfers out.

Weather Conditions

cloudy, thunderstorm, sunny windy

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 17-25 28




  Quattro 95 L freewave/Goya 5.7 eclipse


  3 hrs.

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