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Nice Day

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Saw that it was going to blow so headed up to Beaverton to check it out. I knew that there was a lot of north in the wind but once I arrived and saw everyone there, I decided to stay.

The wind never really did kick in, started out on my biggest kit and was nicely powered. For the first time in a long time I got really bored just sailing back and forth so I decided to challenge myself by pulling out the 93L and the 6.4. I was sloging along while everyone on their huge boards and massive sails where flying past me, I let the outhaul out on the 6.4 and it filled in enough to get going. I hit a couple of ramps and the smile was back on the face.

The 93L was just to small for the conditions, a 115L would have been perfect, but nice to know the skill is getting better when the board was completely submerged and some 3-4 ft swells came in and I stayed dry with little effort.

Weather Conditions

Nice and warm

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-15 28




  JP 135/JP 93/NP 8.0/NP 6.4


  3 hrs. 10 min.

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