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Hot, Windy, Waves.....a perfect way to spend a friday.

Lots of people must have had the day off!

I was riding my 84 JP and a 4.2.......I was kind of rigged for the gusts because I struggled in the lulls. My husband was happy on a 5.3 and 84 Fanatic Rip.

At one point a storm nicked us and chased everyone off the water. Also saw lighting in a bright blue sky!

I tried a 3.3 when it got really windy but didn't rig it fast enough so it didn't work and at the end of the day I rode the 5.3 and 100 liter Fanatic Cross but it was very off and on. Still fun peeling out over the rollers....

Big thanks to windinsight for breaking up his sailing day to take pictures.

Weather Conditions

Hot, Gusty.....

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-28 30




  84, 84, 100/4.2 5.3


  4 hrs.

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