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Session of the Sentury

lake On Gazebo

Showed up to Momentum Marek and Jeff mashin' it up in side-off 20 knots. Flakka Diablos and Switch- stance Chachas seemed to be the flav of the day. I rigged: I went with a Shove-It to Ponch Goiters and threw in a Clock360 one handed. Tchaaawww! All in attendance were stoked!

Okay. None of the above actually happened, but I believe Jeff did plane out of one jibe.

KC5555 might have inadvertently made the correct call. Default.

Anyhoo, you gotta get wet to get what you get.

Wind tomorrow.


Wacky speed wave board V's Wacky Formula Board.

Starts at 25 Knots V's Starts at 6.

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West Lake On. pretend wind

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   7-17 21






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