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Lake erie Long Beach

Hiped up for the forcasted 25kts. Got there early, thought the wind was yet to come. looked windy enough for 5.7 / 95L. Slogged all the way. Changed board , still not too good. Realeased the downhall/ outhall and finally got going. first complaint about weeds. seemd to be attracted to my board! Long run out. swells out there were nice and juicy, but the wind still didn't feel solid enough. Made it upwind to the playpan. Only a small section of it was real nice. the rest of it was trying to stay upwind to avoid the shoal.

Not the greatest day of windsurfing, but still nailed a few good runs.

Weather Conditions

overcast and gusty

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-20 28




  Quattro 120L Freemove/5.7 Goya Eclipse


  3 hrs.

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