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More Bump than Jump

On Lake ON MCP

Squirrelly conditions but certainly do-able, so rigged for the gusts and ventured upwind off the pier. The chop was consistent; consistently brutal on the Starboard tack. Bumpy and hard on the body. Probably 20 knot gusts, so reaching upper end of sail and rider's ability to hold the gear down. Jibed and had some beauty runs on the flats. Nice. Still can't seem to get the upwinder really dialled. The board climbs allright but still believe it can do better. That said, I was way, way upwind and could never have done that on my wee stuff. Formula takes you places and gives you the confidence to get back. Got-to-get- chicken- strap. JP 's new mega carbon FW has probably eleven or so. Good session and heed back in balance.

Weather Conditions

Flat, then not flat at all, then flat again.

The Day at a Glance


  W 8-20 31




  Roberts FW Race/Mr Neil Prydes V8 10 sq M


  1 hrs. 3 min.

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