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Big deal!

Lake Simcoe Heritage Farm Private property

Was there finishing some work when the wind started to kick in. By the time I got the big board down to the water, the wind felt even stronger. thinking it would keep building, rigged 5.7. Thank gpd for the extra board float. Had a good run out but slogged all the way in and ended an little downwind. Had a few runs like this, so decided to re rig big. By the time that was done....the wind was done. Did not like the small waves and chop today!

Weather Conditions

Not so windy, gusty, partly cvercast, cool, and seas more confused than I was!

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-15 20




  Quattro 120L Freemove/Goya 5.7 eclipse


  45 min.

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