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Erie rocks again

Lake erie Long Beach

Down on the water by 10.30. nice solid winds had a bit of south in it. Very long runs out to the big swells which were avraging over head high. Did a run into the play pen but was not impressed, so headed out again to the big swells. After lunch, Jim and I decided to head way out again and ride downwind to the far point. Again large swells and quiute abit steeper down there. On the way back we noticed that the wind had backed off a little and could not make it up wind. We ended way downwind of sd rd 26 and the winds were quite light in there. Managed to shlog out through the surf and slowely headed back out and back iin mainly slogging. It took quite abit of time and energy to make it back........was it worth it???.......Hell yeah!

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-25 28




  Quattro 95 L freewave/5.2 Ezzy wave


  4 hrs.

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