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L. ONT. Gazebo: Grim Launch

Typical west (sideshore) wind at local launch so rigged for gusts with heaps o' downhaul. Glad I did. Result. Climbed easily up to point-of-the-outer pier where the waves defract onto a nicer riding angle. Was way-powered so only caught maybe every 3rd wave. Result. Wish I could have gotten up to the "break" on my Aero. But that'd meant too much schloggin' in the lulls. The big board just mows down the chop and planes through. Result. Liking that Point-7 rig on the RDM way too much. Stable, fast and easy to manage.

Anybody know a good board repair dude? My Formula needs a middle strap because on those fast down-winders, I am a total chicken: but not really. A good day. Good result.

Weather Conditions

Flat. ish. sort of.

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-20 29




  Roberts FW r 157Lt/Point 7 7.7


  1 hrs. 27 min.

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