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Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation

Life is good when you live and work near Lake Erie

Fanastic before work session on a 100 and 5.0 and then 84 and 5.0

Could have gone to 4.2 sail but no time to spare....had to hang on to the 5.0

Really worked hard on my jypes today although it would appear more like I'm working on water starts after I wipeout jyping.

Great jumps Underpants! Very inspiring!

Ke is my hero.....the guy just goes on and on and on

My poor husband had to miss today......he was there in spirit.

Guessing on wind speed here

Weather Conditions

flat inside and then some waves after the reef

The Day at a Glance


   18-23 28




  100, 84/5.0


  3 hrs.

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