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Who says Mondays suck?

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Got up there for and it looked pretty good but puffy. I rigged 6.4M with big fin and mast track back and it worked great. No big waves but still ramps to jump here and there. A really great warm day that yeilded another board shorts and rash gaurd only day.

Session Highlights.

trying to goof around as much as I could while sailing

using the sunken log head as a jibe marker

jumping from one wave and landing on the next

lots of people out for the day

realizing how getting punished in the Gorge has really made sailing so much more enjoyable and controlled here.

goofing around jibing on the swells

Favourite Part of my day: ( Dave would ask)

going at 8:30pm to sign up a customer and having her say, " you look really tired!"

Me, "ya but its a good tired today."

Her, " is there a good tired ?"

Me, " oh ya!"

If they only knew

Weather Conditions

bump and jump, some areas were setting up nice, wind was shifting a lot

The Day at a Glance


  W 15-21 28




  113 FS Posion/6.4 Excess NP


  2 hrs. 50 min.

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