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Heaven at Long beach

Lake erie Long Beach

O.K., I'll start off with the negative. The water at the shore line looked like a real ugly soup with weeds mixed with sand. Actually had to lift the gear off the water from a ways off coming out otherwise it got filthy with weed ans sand. Never seen it like that. Get to the windline and and beauty. Clear water and solid winds. Got in the water with 5.7 / 95L cambo at about 1.30. Little choppy on the inside with medium swells on the outside. Inside the playpen was setting up quite nice. Managed to pull a few real nice rides untill I started to get overpowered. Untill I re-rigged, the wind strenghtened and the waves were setting up real good . Beautifull rides in the play pen. at the point and on the large swells on the outside. Most guys got off the water by 6. I opted to stay longer enjoying some way overpowering conditions doing short rides and havind shots at duck jibes on the inside. (nearly, but realy, I suck!). Sized the board down to 75L and realised that I realy shoulkd have been on it quite earlier.

Off the water by 7. Best day this year so far.

Weather Conditions

Steadly building winds, sunny, warm and a real beautifull croud of people

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-27 28




  Quattro 95 & 75 Freestylewave/Goya5.7, Ezzy 5.2,


  5 hrs.

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