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A bit all over the map

Simcoe Beaverton

Went 5.3 then 5.8 then 5.3 (was hoping for smaller). The Goya is a really nice sail, very tunable, and slalom like when tuned with power and Zone like when flatter. Could not have it right until half way through. The wind was changing quite a bit depending on what cloud was overhead. Some small swell riding. Can't do anything remotely freestyle if my life depended on it, will have to write it on my forehead not to keep trying, feet are hurting. Some surprising sharp ramps as the wind was changing direction. Fun watching rINR doing his big jumps and holding on to his 6.4 when the big kiters were blown off the water.

Overall 4 hrs of sailing. Can't complaint too much.

Of note as I was driving along the shore line, the sun shining, everything bright green, turquoise water with whitecaps, warm wind...I could have sworn I was in Maui.

The Day at a Glance






  Fanatic FW86/Goya Wave 3D 5.3


  3 hrs.

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