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2 for 2

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Looks like I timed it just right as JetMech was coming off the water to rig down from his 6.4M to the 5.8M, so I rigged the 5.8M on the 113L with smaller fin and off I went. good mix of kiters and sailors. I counted 16 in total. Soem waves to jump and ride but on the most part waves were to perpendicular to the wind to really get good air time.

Session Highlights:

Goofing around sailing with JetMech. He was beating me on the cat and mouse races.

Doing some really bizzarre wipe outs , one yeilding me doing a perfect somersault off the front of my board.

Jibing aorund the newbies. Seeing some new faces out on the water, and seeing Ted breaking the bond of sailing at Scugog.

Best part of my day: ( Dave would ask): driving home all relaxed an d reflecting on the day, so chilled that I was actually doing the speed limit through the radar trap on Hwy #12. - that's a first! ;-)

Sad point in day: seeing that I managed to crack the nose of my board even more and realizing how much water it had taken in.

Weather Conditions

good clean lines mixed with B&J. no really nice big ramps

The Day at a Glance


  W 18-22 27




  113L Poison FS/5.8 Ezzy Wave SE


  3 hrs. 10 min.

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