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Lake Erie Long beach

Little wing was packing it in as I got to the beach. Looked like a continuation of yesterday, so that is what I did, Carried on with what I left off.....5/2 /75L, but put a larger fin on. worked great and am realy liking that board. Unfortunately, today was a little gustier than yesterday, so after a few runs decided to upsize the board. The waves were not as nice as the previous day, in fact a little too choppy, however this chop was produsing some good jumping ramps. Still too sore from the previous day, decided to carry through with short runs, surfing jibes on the outside and duck jibes on the inside, and yes, I finally nailed one! not pretty though! Next session I will iron it out! I Also tried something new today. As ramps were nice and frequent, i tried to initiate a table top but wasn,t getting enough height for a full blown all out. I think that this is one of the coolest visual moves. I'm sure it will feel as good if I manage to nail one.

1 very long run to the big swells on the outside with an exilerating (?) ride back, My back was killing me on that ride so quit that.

Anyway another great day

Weather Conditions

overcast, windy, and another great day

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-25 26




  Quattro 95 & 75 Freestylewave/ezzy 5.2


  4 hrs.

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