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Very Happy

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Got to Beaverton at 1300 and on the water about 1320, rigged my 6.4 and my 93. Got onto the water and slogged for about 10 min, saw riNR pull into the parking lot and the wind switch on. I sailed completely overpowered not willing to rerig as I have not had much luck lately with hitting the water with steady wind. After about another 10 min I came in to down size just as riNR was getting ready to head out, threw on the 5.7 and had one of the best and enjoyable seasions of the year.

Waves were not really setting up and were all over the place, but I did not seem to mind. riNR and I were playing cat and mouse the entire session trying to out jibe, out jump, and out sail each other, it was sooo much fun. riNR won with his back loop attempts as I wanted to go for a forward but my head got the best of me, I will do one someday!!

Yeah, could have been better waves, would have been nice to pull out the 5.0, but I had a blast today. Thanks riNR!!!!

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  W 15-22 28




  JP 93/NP 5.7


  3 hrs. 40 min.

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