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Lake Erie Keeps Firing

Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation Area

NOAA and Accuweather were forcasting some wind on Erie in the afternoon so I decided to take a chance and head down.

What a great call. Wind was a solid 20 kts. in the afternoon.

While the playpen did not set up with ideal waves, the swell was firing on the outside. Had a blast riding swell with Don and Rob on the outside.

3rd sailable day this week.

The wind has been unbelievable this summer down at Lake Erie.

I can't wait for the next SW.

Weather Conditions

Consistent 20 knts. in the afternoon.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-20 24




  RRD Wave Cult 55/5.8m2 Ezzy Wave SE


  2 hrs.

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