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flat water need 4 speed

Lake Erie Rondeau Bay

Got in the Rondeau Bay parking lot in the morning to find the wind building and since I don’t have much patience I didn’t want to wait for the wind to reach its peak and decide to rig the 8.0 and use it with my big 160 L board, needless to say I had use the weed fin which is a great investment if you plan to hit these waters. I had fun once I got out and passed the extremely weedy area that’s close to the launching point; after about 30-45 min the wind started getting into the 20’s range and I had to come back to the shore to downsize, it was about time we get the promised forecast. By this time the locals started to show up and it looked like the 6.5 on a 116 L board would be the best choice for the day. And indeed it was at least for the next 2 hours and a half, I can’t believe how much fun I actually had running between the weeds at max speed, doing slalom between patches and trying to get the board up on speed in shortest time and distance possible in order to hit the part that was really really weedy with max speed so I can pass through. I almost got the real sense of "lawn mowing" in windsurfing

It was awesome meeting and sailing with some new people, Hi Dave, was nice meeting you and I’m looking forward to hit Rondeau again; actually this is one of the best parts in windsurfing, getting to sail different spots and meet new people, totaly love it :-)

Weather Conditions

flat water, wind not very gusty

The Day at a Glance


  NW 18-23 25




  F2 160 L, Mistral 116L/North Natural 8.0, and NP 6.5


  2 hrs. 40 min.

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