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Session for Sal

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It is with real regret and surprise to hear about the passing of a truly original windsurfer and great man on and off the water: Sal.

I'd like to dedicate today's sailing session to him.

Always first on the water and always last off. Always.


Erie, Hamilton, Minet's, Aruba or the Gazebo. Sal always brought his smile and great enthusiasm to every sailing session.

His Italian cycling cap for protection from the wind and sun couldn't protect him from the brain cancer that took him. GDMIT.

Sal was always up for it - April to Halloween. Also an awesome skier, top family man and unbelievably stoked every time in the 15 years I had the pleasure of sailing with him.

Go for it (!) every session boys and girls. Sal did. Our brother wouldn't want it any other way. Also reminds us all that life is more than just a read-through. Sal lived life. We should too.

Weather Conditions

Waves at 4 - 6 feet on the ledge. Nice.

The Day at a Glance


   8-14 26




  Starboard Aero 117, Roberts FW./Point - 7, 7.6m2, rdm, carbon boom


  2 hrs.

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