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Beaverton - Garmin 310XT

L. Simcoe Beaverton -Garmin 310XT

Arrived about 4:15 and rigged up 6.5 for one run but was underpowered. Came back rigged 8.0(full), took a couple runs, b4 the wind filled in although still gusty. Starboard tacks were great but the port tacks initially were really sluggish but then seemed to kick in. Not sure what was happening. It was pretty sweet running down the wave faces.

I picked up a Garmin 310XT for running. I took it out with me windsurfing(its the 1st wristmount they have made waterproof). Max clocked speed was 32 km/hr but was swinging between 10 km/hr not planing to 22-29 when planing. Total distuance 22 km. Setup was for autolap on 1 km intervals so I could get more frequent sampling on speed. Works OK but the Garmin does not give you the max speed on the watch, just when you upload. As well I could really only read it on the port tack as it was on my left arm and the angle was such that I could not see that while on the starboard tack without really not looking where I was going.

Data is uploaded at

Note on the top right there is a play feature

If anyone else has this unit I would be interested to find out if they have some other tricks to extract or view data.

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NW Gusty

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  NW 10-20 20




  125 l Tabou Rocket/8.0 Hot Stealth


  1 hrs. 45 min.

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