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What a day!

Silver Lake Silver Lake, Michigan

Took the family to Silver Lake Michigan for some fun in the sand dunes with the dune buggy. We spent 2.5 hours in the dune in the morning, came back for some lunch and then I took off for some windskippy on Silver Lake ( Lake Michigan would have been good but I only brought a shorty and it is pretty cool) got to the lake and it is going off. I only brought the 5.8M and the 113L so the it was easy picking my rig. The lake was full on white caps. It was so great sailing up to the dunes on the far side where everyone had boats moored and goofing around in the sand and swimming. The dune's literally slope right into the water with a very small ledge at the water line and then a drop off down. This made for amazing hero jibes right at the shoreline and since the wind was wrapping around the dunes it was overpowered and tons of speed coming out of jibes to hammer into the nice steep faced swells just slightly off shore. I went for couple back loops attempts and a couple of nice super floaty jibes to land on the next front side of swells. One guy was out in some big boat casting of a waist high wake that was perfect for jumping. I did a couple right off his stern. He and his passengers were giving props and te old dude driver was giving me the hangloose symbol. The guy was diefinitely going out of his way to give me some nice ramps.

Came back to some time with the family and back into towon to some go cart rides. I managed to do the pit manuevuer on all of my kids.

Back to camp for dinner, fire, swimming and weinies over the fire.

What a surreal day! Sailing up to the dunes was an amazing visual experience.

Pictures to follow later.

Weather Conditions

bumpa and jump to nice rolling swells in spots. steep faced swells in spots

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 18-22 28




  113 Poison FS/5.8 Ezzy WAve SE


  2 hrs.

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