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What a nice surprise

Ontario Ajax Paradise park

There is a thermal in Ajax!!

Wow went biking, then noticed white caps everywhere. Can't be. Checked the buoy, 13-15knts SW consistently. So loaded the car with the big gear, drove down the road and had 2hrs of fun.

Too bad it was not windier for smaller gear. The swells were already chest high (I'm short) and the ramps were straight up starboard.

Sail set at medium downhaul and max outhaul for upwind. The wind felt thermal, ie super steady with no gust to speak of.

Going several km out where the sailboats are, back and forth 1.5-2 times windspeed, love that feeling when the sail goes light and you're flying across the water. Gorgeous sunshine, water having a turquoise tint today, beautiful shoreline and watching your house from the water makes for a wonderful afternoon. Then the kids showed up on their bikes and we played at the beach. The wind held up the whole day until sunset.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 13-15 21




  Tabou Rocket 125L/Sailworks Retro 8.0


  2 hrs.

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