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Birthday Summerland session

Lake Okanagan Summerland

Drove from Vancouver to Summerland in the morning for a family visit & to cheer on Jenn's mom.

Coming into town, there we patches of whitecaps all along lake Okanagan leading up to Summerland: signs were good that there would be wind!

Arrived in town at 2pm, had a quick lunch and rolled down the hill to the boat launch / park to check it out. One guy was on the water but it looked light so we rigged big with Jenn opting for a 5.7.

At first I was riding the 133L and got one great pumping onto a plane run, but we switched boards giving Jenn the volume advantage to help get her going.

The wind was up and down but finally filled in for some great runs. I was going faster than Jenn but we were both moving along at a great pace and cleared 3/4 of the way across the lake before we knew it.

I had some SCREAMING runs with the rig full on whistling.

I love looking for the gusts and getting a day on the water when I don't expect it.

The final reach back had the wind building up to overpowered and built up to very overpowered by the end.

Worked on some gybes and realized I don't switch my feet / go for the rig flip early enough. Fun crashing videos though :)

Weather Conditions

Up and down with a storm rolling in leaving me overpowered.

A bit bouncy on the way out (occaisional bigger chop) and butter smooth on the way back.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 12-24 20




  115L Naish Freeride Slalom/7.0 Naish All Terrain


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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