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Friday - North Wind

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Arrived late around 4:20. Could not see any windsurfers. Construction crew was in working on a ramp going into the water at the south end of the parking lot. There was a policeman there who came over. He indicated that 3 people had come off the water and that they had been with a windsurfer who had not yet come in. He asked me how long the windsurfers are normally out. Whoa! loaded question, anyway I told him about 1-3 hrs dependant on conditions. He was staying around as the vehicle was still in the parking lot(nice guy). I told him I would see if I could spot anyone windsurfing out there.

Rigged my 8 and went out. With the North wind the shadow was there so had to go out a fair distance until I was up on plane. After about 30 min I could see a windsurfer way up North at the point you would have to go around to get to Hertiage farms. When he got down he told me he lost his bearings.

Windsurfed for another hr until the wind dropped. Pretty nice session with the North wind being reasonable solid especially on the starboard tack. Got some nice ramps for jumping. The port tack was mixed as if the wind was at all soft I was fighting the waves. Water still OK temperature wise with full wetsuit/kayaking top(I was toasty warm) and just light gloves(hands a bit cold) but I think my seasons coming to an end. No dry suit. Wind shifted at the end leaving me to slog my way back to shore. Boy the clay sucks!

When I came back in talked with the windsurfer(John). He had lost his bearings and had been out for over 3 hrs. He had been all the way up at Hertitage Farms and had pulled into shore to get his bearings. Nice job of beating up wind. Gives one thought at this time of year about with the water tempatures dropping, lower light conditions and fewer or no people on the water to keep checking your physical condition and location.

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Choppy and gusty

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  N 13-18 13




  125 Tabou Rocket/8.0 Hot Maui


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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