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Man, I Must Love Waterstarting!!

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Got up there at 1500 to a full parking lot and lots of smiles. Rigged the 5.7 but most likely should have stuck with my first choice of 5.0. Got on the water by 1515 and never got off till 1800.

Absolutly a fun day with big rollers and some steep waves, had a good time with riNR and then Fathom who was inspiring me to try some front loops, attempted one with me ending up as a flat starfish slapper on the back (I think there is a rule to not ever let go, well, I let go and ouch).

Had a tough time again on the outside trying to complete my jibe for some reason, I must really love waterstarting because I only completed about 5 of them, not really sure what is going on with me when its really choppy but I guess I am just not commiting enough.

Fantastic day with huge air from everyone, I did not want to leave the water but I needed to be home before 2000.

Weather Conditions

Windy and Wavey

The Day at a Glance


  NW 25-30 17




  JP 93/NP 5.7


  2 hrs. 45 min.

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