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Wow great day

Ontario SBX Mac's Point

Started with smallish waves, having to sail to upper Mac for some nice wave riding. All day on 4.0 Zone ! Sailed for 5hrs!!

Then the wind and swell just keep building until my arms ran out of steam.

No major jump/speedy stuff. Just concentrated on going upwind, saving all my energy for wave riding.

And the waves just got better and better. Some down the line, some almost down the line. Some addictive bottom turn with sail almost in the water and looking up at the wave. Still can't quite time off the lips in those conditions.

However, some of the waves just went on and on. Must have 8-9 bottom turns in one of those runs. This' got to be better than sex!

To top it off, nice sunshine, warm water (warmer than Beaverton yesterday), nice people sailing and Mr. MacDonald. A definite 5 today. One of those most memorable days in years of sailing.

Took lots of pictures to folllow, including 2 sequences of rINR in his back loops.


Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 25-30 22




  Tabou Pocketwave 69/NP Zone 4.0


  5 hrs.

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