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Advil for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lake Ontario Mac's Point, Sandbanks

Still tired from the day before I downed my Advils to make it out for round two at Sandbanks. Showed up to Mac's and nice wind, and waves a plenty. Nice organized waves on the inside, suicide bump and jump outside with big head - logo high non-breaking swell on the outside. I was getting worked for the first 45 minutes, then I came in, took a breather, flattened out my sail and round two was a total treat. I'd have to say I like the way things set up better at Outlet Beach but I'm not complaining. I don't know if I can legitimately claim landing a backloop or not, but I came full around , landed, sailed off for 10 feet and then had the sail rip out of my hands.....does that count? Lots of attempts, and after flipping through the sequentail shots that Fathom took ( I can't thank you enough for that - great shots!) and comparing to Matt Pritchards tutorial I think I have my issues in check now. Wow, what a day! I love sailing there. I love the feeling of the terrain, the sailors there are some really rock solid guys that are inspiring to sail with, the place just has such a buzz about it, it is so electric. A day I will remember for a very long time. One of my all time favourite days!!! I think I drove home with a perma-grin and the sound of crashing waves ringing in my ears.

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  W 25-30 18




  91L Nucleo/5.0M Ezzy wave SE


  2 hrs. 25 min.

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