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Epic flat-water session

Nahant Bay Nahant Beach

Jenn and I went to Nahant for the first time, after an epic Ikea trip, to meet with Owein.

Pulling in at 2:30, we saw 3-4 sails on the water and managed to talk to a local (Daniel) who was riding a big board fully powered with a 5.0.

We still opted to rig up our 6.2/5.0 combo and Jenn went out first with the FreeSex. After two reaches, she came in saying it was over powered so I went out with the 6.2 and was really powered, but found it just right. She switched down to the 78L and well.... it was PERFECT.

Both of us on the water going full speed nearly the whole time. It dropped off a little bit at the end so Jenn took the 96L. She got an amazing run in and while doing that I managed to schlogg around on the 78L and even tack it successfully twice.

Ripped some high G gybes (including a pristine duck gybe) on the dead flat water. Tried one vulcan but didn't do much after that ... because I have no excuse I'm just a lamer. (and I had my 25cm fin on... so there's my excuse).

Going to have to go back there!


Nailed 96L board tacks, duck gybes, gybes.

Got 2 78L tacks (port n' starboard)

Weather Conditions

Up and down (gusty) with flat flat water

The Day at a Glance


  NW 14-20 15




  96L FreeSex/6.2 Duke


  2 hrs.

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