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Not at all too bad indeed

Bruce Lake Muskoka

Sunshine and an awesome forecast for the long weekend but was headed to a shi shi (& small) lake up where the idle rich vacate. But, was stoked to see 20 knots on arrival! Immed. delegated unpacking duties to non-windsurfing companions and I was on the water in 15 mins. Gusty, but a treat to sail on such a small body of water surrounded by all the fall colours. Sailed Sunday too on Formula stuff but was marginal. Still interesting to ogle the boathouses that are bigger and more expensive than my house in the city.

Weather Conditions

Flat, Gusty but fun.

The Day at a Glance


   8-18 20




  Starboard Aero 117 /Point - 7 7.6, Hot Sails Superfreak 6.2


  1 hrs.

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