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Great fall day !!

Lake O Pt Weller

First off, thanks to all the guys for the great posts (and pics) lately. Truly terrific conditions and session reports from lots of different beaches, especially SBX and Allenwood on October8

Quite a crew out today at Pt Weller with around a dozen each windsurfers and kitesurfers. The wind was good all day with sail sizes from 4.7-5.6 NNW wind direction was pretty onshore (WNW is probably best here) so shore break was significant, but still provided good jumping opportunities on both tacks and some ok wave riding. Waves and chop on the outside were big but really disorganized presenting some pretty challenging conditions. I got started around 12 on 4.7 and that was working although slightly underpowered. On the second session, moved up 1 fin size and that was better but as the wind seemed to be getting a bit lighter, eventually switched up to 5.3 and was nicely powered. Guys were still arriving at 4pm and heading out on 5.5s. Thanks Cliff for the after session brews.

Weather Conditions

sunny and cool

The Day at a Glance


  N 20-25 13




  95L Rogue Wave/4.7 & 5.3 Maui Sails Legend


  3 hrs.

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