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Not happening

Lake Simcoe Port Bolster

Showed up and it looked great, ya for the first 40 minutes or so and then it was off and on with the 5.0 and the 91L. Frustrated the hell out of myself with trying to make it work on that set up. Finally got so P.Oed that I rigged the 5.8M which got me planing but then the wind came back up and I was overpowered. I finally gave up because I was beat from never feeling dialed in and comfortable. The whole day felt like a giant fight, and I was sailing like kak. Drove home fatigued as anything and crashed at 8:30pm.

Fathom looked like he was in his zone and doing some nice wave rides on the bigger swells. He was making me sick.

The new NPX suit worked great. It was almost too warm at times. With the built in hood on it was way too hot.NIce suit if anyone is thinking of getting one.

Oh ya, and thanks to the giant D-bag who gave me a $50 parking ticket for parking in the friggen parking lot in the middle of nowhere. Like it mattered to anyone. It's a good thing the government has a job for a low-life loser like that, really how much of bottom feeder would you have to be to want that job.

Weather Conditions

swells / waves inside and by the rock pier, jack hammer B&J out past the pier.

The Day at a Glance


  N 18-30 12




  91L Poison Nucleo/5.0M NP Core, 5.8M Ezzy Wave SE


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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