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huron allenwood

On the water late AM...Rigged a 4.7 good call. to start.Way overpowered as wind ramped up moving into afternoon.Could have been on 4.0 in the gusts.Just muscled through it. as did not wish to get into rigging game in the sand.Had plenty of power to punch through break and loft some big floaters.A bit trickier for wave riding... to much speed and power.Still some fun rides on the choppy waves...swellls.Allenwood and Neil really getting some nice rides ....bottom turns...tuned into home break for sure.Hangloose had nice rides on 4.2 downwind into bowl where waves cleaned up a bit

Overall a great day with 4/3steamer & barefooting.

Shall return...hopefully Sunday

Weather Conditions

Side side on....minimal shorebreak head high on outside..choppy waves

The Day at a Glance


  N 22-27 14




  Naish Wave 78/Maui Sails 4.7 Legend


  4 hrs.

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