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Good Day

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

Got up there at 1300 and did not see much wind, I only brought the small stuff so I started to rig my 5.7, Just downhauled and the wind went crazy so I ripped out the 4.5 and rigged it, as soon as that was done the wind backed off so I took out the 5.7 and 93L.

Nothing much happening for about 15 min then an hour of pure sailing from perfectly powered to overpowered with the added bonus of there being wind the last three days, Lake Simcoe had some really nice steep ramps to do big floaters of off. After the hour, I decided to switch to the 4.5, I was overpowered and it was rigged by the car so why not. Came in and saw Chris who was rigging his 5.8 and was shocked to see me down sizes, so he changed his mind as well.

Got back on the water and for the next hour it was really up and down with it being more down then up, I should have stayed on the 5.7 and I know that Chris wished he stayed with the 5.8.

Lots of sailors (almost full parking lot) and I still had a great day even though the last hour should have been better.

Felt really comfortable in the air and was able to angle the board to get secondary lift (riNR and Fathom would have loved these conditions!!). And riNR if you read this, fixed the outside jibe (mostly) as it was just as rough as before, you were right about my head, I was looking at where I wanted to go and no issues. Weird, like you said, on flat water I never run into this but amp it up and I was changing my style.

Weather Conditions

Big bump and jump

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-30 15




  JP 93/NP 5.7 / MS 4.5


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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